Who Am I?

My name Is Toprak Koς. I am a passionate Front-End Engineer, and I started coding at an early age. I have worked at some of Turkey's best known startups. I am passionate about technology as a whole, not simply a specific framework or language. I love discovering new concepts and techniques. Quality is extremely important to me and I always make sure to do my best and generate the finest product I can.


Front End

HTML / CSS / SASS / LESS / Ant Design

JavaScript / jQuery / React / TypeScript / React Native / WebSockets / WebRTC / GraphQL / REST

Source Control

Git / Github / Bitbucket / Agile

Kanban / Scrum / Jira / Confluence


Figma / Prototyping

Wireframing / Adobe Photoshop

Professional Experience

Front-End Engineer @ Firefly

November 2021 - Current / San Francisco, California
Firefly is the street-level digital media network that connects audiences with dynamic media on top of taxis and rideshare vehicles. Our best-in-class screens deliver dynamic content based on location-based, data-enabled triggers and engage consumers across our nation’s busiest cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Boston and Miami.

Front-End Developer @ Akinon

November 2020 - November 2021 / Istanbul, Turkey

↳ Engineered the new features and enhancements on 4 different projects.

Programmed with React / SASS / TypeScript / Styled Components / Websockets / WebRTC.

↳ Chaired and developed a live steam platform for e-commerce companies. Launched with Lacoste Turkey.

↳ Formalized coding and code review standards for better development.

↳ Aligned with other teams and C-levels to create new projects.

↳ Simplified the UI and improved the UX.

↳ Accelerated the performance of the project.

↳ Diagnosed the customer requests.

↳ Refactored the old components and functions for better performance.

↳ Reduced the time of getting customer feedbacks by automatizing the processes.

Volunteer Organizer @ UX'Minimal

November 2019 - Current / Ankara, Turkey

↳ Modified the community website by using Webflow.

↳ Designed and built the event flow page.

↳ Organized the biggest online interactive event in Turkey.

↳ Built a project for visual event attendance badges. Programmed with React.

Software Developer @ Insider

October 2019 - June 2020 / Istanbul, Turkey

↳ Built, designed, and modified products defined by the partner brands to boost their user impressions.

Programmed with JavaScript / jQuery / PHP / MySQL / Insider API

↳ Guide students and interns by giving them coding lessons and talks.

↳ Counseled to the Account Managers and the Partner brands to assist.

↳ Informed teams about the company news in daily standups with presentations.

↳ Analyzed and discovered new technologies to serve better products and solutions

↳ Reduced plastic, water, and energy usage of the company and help for the recycling with Green Team.

Volunteer Organizer @ Google Developer Groups Ankara

February 2018 - November 2019 / Ankara, Turkey

↳ Organized 11 technology events with more than 1.000 attendees in Ankara.

↳ Represented the community as a Community Ambassador at Google I/O event in San Francisco.

↳ Mentored and directed the community members.

↳ Discovered qualified persons for event talks.

↳ Designed event newsletters and announcements.

↳ Reached being the first biggest GDG MeetUp community in Turkey.

↳ Negotiated with companies and places to find fundings and places for the events.

↳ Administered and created the website of the community by using JavaScript and Firebase

Intern @ JotForm

September 2017 - June 2018 / Ankara, Turkey

↳ Created a user-based cloud storage widget which reduces cloud services’ costs.

Programmed with JavaScript / PHP / Gearman / MySQL / Google API / Dropbox API / AWS API

↳ Participated in every tech team and learned JotForm's tech stack.

↳ Collaborated with the Data Science team and investigated speeding up the algorithms on TensorFlow