Who Am I?

My name Is Toprak Koς. I am a passionate Full-Stack (mostly front-end) developer, and I started coding at an early age. I have worked at some of Turkey's best known startups. I am passionate about technology as a whole, not simply a specific framework or language. I love discovering new concepts and techniques. Quality is extremely important to me and I always make sure to do my best and generate the finest product I can.


Front End

HTML, CSS, JavaScript ES6, jQuery React, TypeScript, SCSS, React Native, Webflow, WebRTC

Back End

PHP, Gearman PostgreSQL, MySQL GraphQL, REST, NGINX, Redis, GCP

Source Control

Git, Github, Agile, Kanban, Jira, Confluence


Figma, Prototyping, Wireframing, UML Adobe Photoshop

Professional Experience

Front-End Developer @ Akinon

November 2020 - Current / Istanbul, Turkey

Volunteer Organizer @ UX'Minimal

November 2019 - Current / Ankara, Turkey

↳ Modified the community website by using Webflow.

↳ Designed and built the event flow page.

Software Developer @ Insider

October 2019 - June 2020 / Istanbul, Turkey

↳ Built, designed, and modified products defined by the partner brands to boost their user impressions.

Programmed with JavaScript / jQuery / PHP / MySQL / Insider API

↳ Guide students and interns by giving them coding lessons and talks.

↳ Counseled to the Account Managers and the Partner brands to assist.

↳ Informed teams about the company news in daily standups with presentations.

↳ Analyzed and discovered new technologies to serve better products and solutions

↳ Reduced plastic, water, and energy usage of the company and help for the recycling with Green Team.

Volunteer Organizer @ Google Developer Groups Ankara

February 2018 - November 2019 / Ankara, Turkey

↳ Organized 11 technology events with more than 1.000 attendees in Ankara.

↳ Represented the community as a Community Ambassador at Google I/O event in San Francisco.

↳ Mentored and directed the community members.

↳ Discovered qualified persons for event talks.

↳ Designed event newsletters and announcements.

↳ Reached being the first biggest GDG MeetUp community in Turkey.

↳ Negotiated with companies and places to find fundings and places for the events.

↳ Administered and created the website of the community by using JavaScript and Firebase

Intern @ JotForm

September 2017 - June 2018 / Ankara, Turkey

↳ Created a user-based cloud storage widget which reduces cloud services’ costs.

Programmed with JavaScript / PHP / Gearman / MySQL / Google API / Dropbox API / AWS API

↳ Participated in every tech team and learned JotForm's tech stack.

↳ Collaborated with the Data Science team and investigated speeding up the algorithms on TensorFlow