WebRTC 100 + 1

Event: Google Developer Students Club ADU Solution Challenge Start Fest

I talked about WebRTC and how it become a part of our lives in my presentation. We also discussed other technical stuff with people during the event. 

I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler 

Events: DevFest'19 Eskisehir, Insider Dev Talks, WTM'20 Ankara

I was watching JetSons when I was 5 or 6 and there were flying cars and robots everywhere. We all were expecting flying cars and robots but we all got disillusioned, right? Maybe We don't have flying cars but We have Hulk. Oops. I meant Artificial Intelligence. So I've talked about our little cutie Artificial Intelligence.

I talked about how Magenta.JS come up and how it works. Also, we tried some Magenta.JS Demos and I showed some examples of how people use machine learning and art in their projects like YACHT's album and the generative music app Mubert.

Artificial Intelligence of Art 

Event: DSC Gazi Live Software Days

Talked about the Artificial Intelligence of Art.

Discussed philosophy of Artificial Intelligence of Art.

Answered questions of viewers

ShiftDelete is the biggest Turkish online technology portal that features critics, descriptions and comparisons about new software releases, gadgets, operating systems, and the latest news in the mobile, web, and IT hardware environments.

Hurriyet News Interview

Event: Google I/O 2019

Talked with the Hurriyet News in Google I/O about Google Developer Groups

Printed at 10.05.2019

After Google I/O 2019

Events: After I/O Ankara, After I/O Konya

Gave a presentation about new technologies which announced at Google I/O 2019. 

Talked my first thoughts and experiences about the US

Played Kahoot with attendees

JavaScript 101

Events: TBD Genç Bilişim Yaz Kampı

Gave a lesson about JavaScript fundamentals and little bit PHP

Managed class with 20 students

Create example projects with students

Leave a Mark on The Universe

Event: Europe Code Week 2018

Gave a talk to first grade students about coding and how to start

Shared my experiences with first grade students

Still talking with some of students and mentoring them

Find Your Co-Founder

Event: METU GGT Find Your Co-Founder

Talked about myself and my experiences

Gave an interview to a local magazine about how important coding is